Agency Concept


"I have nothing left to wear"

"I can't find anything in the shops"

“I have never worn this dress”

"What am I going to put in my suitcase"

"I hate shopping"...


How many times have we heard these phrases?


Styling is a job that requires talent and expertise.

This is why I offer a personal shopper and image consultant service, I will give you the keys to being stylish on a daily basis and finding exceptional pieces.


I analyse :

  • morphology

  • colorimetry

  • tastes

  • expectations

  • the working and living environment

    I listen :
    •  The specific requests
    • The needs
    Then I will leave to concoct looks in accordance with your personality from what you already have and/or what I have selected in the shops.I will send you tips and techniques to upgrade your style.
    My goal is not to transform but to reveal your potential.

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